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Long arts plastic is a group of is common organization set up in the plastic industry for many years and experienced professional managers.

Taiwan plant area of about 1,500 pings, and employs 100 people, the production of various styles of plastic bags and plastic film products in the packaging industry leader in the customer base across various industries, such as: electronics industry antistatic bags, Eisai with bags / film, such as heavy bags, PE shrink film, laminated bags, ice bags: the other, there are all kinds of shopping bags, such as: the hole pockets, bags of soft rays Paige bags, cotton rope bags, drawstring bag multilayer film.

The company in response to environmental protection, the development of production of a biodegradable bag, its main raw material is corn starch, can automatically decompose after use: Production of synthetic paper bags, instead of coated paper bags, low-cost, high tensile strength, moisture, recyclable, its use is more superior to the traditional paper bag!

The company has always been Bingzhe continuous pursuit of high-quality services in a rapidly changing technological era, hoping in the packaging industry torrent, can we work together.

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